Meet Our Staff

Tim Sullivan, General Manager, Good Tern Coop, Rockland, Maine

Tim Sullivan, General Manager

Tim Sullivan- General Manager

Tim Sullivan grew up in Alfred, Maine, and attended Hampshire College in Amherst, Mass, where he was first involved with a co-op; Mixed Nuts. In 2003, he began working as Bulk Buyer for the Blue Hill Coop. Two years later, Tim returned to the Midcoast area to work as General Manager of the Good Tern, which he did for the next five years. He served as the Bulk Buyer between 2012-13, and was Interim General Manager in January of 2015 for a few months. In 2016, he returned as Interim General Manager, and in 2017 made the decision to stay on as General Manager. Tim has a 15 year-old daughter, Kylie, and does photography on the side.  Email:

Deminique Cole

Deminique Cole – Front End 

Deminique Cole is a 25 year old Rockland local. As well as cashiering at The Good Tern Co-op, she is a figurative and portraiture artist who studied and obtained her BFA at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. She loves Autumn and all the things and colors associated with it. You’re likely to see her wearing a burnt orange, mustard, or rust colored outfit. She loves animals,  especially squirrels, rats, and pigs. She’s a fan of hardcore, classic rock, classical, and alternative music. And she’s a lover of good, healthy, vegetarian food.

Heather Hynd

Heather Hynd

Heather Hynd – Produce Manager

I started working with the Good Tern about 10 years ago by wielding a pick axe to break up the hard pan dirt in what is now our beautiful curb-side flower garden as you enter the parking lot. (Lynn Manning took over the garden the following year) From there I became one of the Board of Directors, and a weekly volunteer produce person, and was frequently found ending the day by helping the closing shift. 3 years as assistant produce manager was good training when Dee left and I was able to step up to produce manager in April 2016. When not at the Co-Op, I enjoy reading, sailing and hiking and of course, working in the garden. I own a small house and 17 acres of Maine woods, just 3 miles from town. My daughter’s chihuahua, Killer, and two cats call it home too, and we often go on ‘hikes’ up our dirt road together, the cats keeping shotgun as Killer scouts ahead. 🙂

Peyton Feener, Good Tern Coop

Peyton Feener

Peyton Feener – Front End

Peyton Feener is a 21 year old Rockland/Camden local. She has been working at the co-op since December of 2012. She began by interning for the Community School (now Wayfinder School) in Camden, four days a week. After she graduated in May of 2013, she was hired. Peyton is the Treats Buyer, the Local Packaged Buyer and a Cashier. She is the 2016 Maine Miss Congeniality for the Maine Lobster Festival, a drummer in her band “drive by todd.” and a referee and a jeerleader for the Rock Coast Rollers. She likes to spend her time with her boyfriend Randy and her best friends Ashley and Cassie. Her favorite product in the store is the Rescue Chocolate. She loves hamsters and kitties. You’ll probably see her in brightly colored hair throughout the store. If you have any questions for her, her email is

Joanna Grierson, Good Tern Coop, Rockland, Maine

Joanna Grierson, Good Tern Coop


Joanna Grierson: Wellness Buyer/Front End 

Hi, I’m Joanna Grierson! I’ve been with the Good Tern since the spring of 2012. In my time here I’ve worked as a cashier, and I’ve recently begun working alongside Emily in the Wellness Department. When I’m not at the co-op, I love writing and playing music, finding strange items at thrift stores, and spending time with my husband and two young children.

Rachel Davis, Good Tern Coop

Rachel Davis

Rachel Davis: Deli

A well-traveled Montana native, Rachel Davis grew up with rattlesnakes, country music and horses. She spent ten years gypsying across continents, and is enthralled by polar exploration.  “All about the dough”, she has been a professional bread baker for eleven years, and has spent the last two years creating inspired dishes and baked goods in the Good Tern Coop deli. She came to this corner of the world to be dissolved in the kombucha brewing, sauerkraut making, boatbuilding, house renovating, beet eating, scape growing, nude drawing, pot throwing, bean boot wearing, cloud watching world of coastal “artsy” Maine. What would make her grateful right now? Nothing more than a Cosmo Magazine, bag of cheetos, and enough lipstick to paint the town red. Stop by to say hello and enjoy some of her fabulous baking!

Sarah Bartz, Good Tern Coop, Rockland, Maine

Sarah Bartz

Sarah Bartz: Deli

A lover of food, Sarah has gardened, cooked, farmed and bowled in seven different states, and across five continents. She hails from Minnesota, and obtained her degree in Environmental Studies, just outside of Chicago. During her college years, she studied abroad in Greece, Turkey, and Tanzania. Currently, she and her partner, Jeff, reside in Rockland; together, they grow nearly all of their own produce. Although potatoes, limes and ginger aren’t a part of their home gardening repertoire just yet, they will be in the future. With their roots firmly planted in Maine, the two never plan to move again. Sarah has been happily working hard in the Good Tern kitchen since 2013, gracing our community with a diverse array of conscientiously prepared salads, sandwiches and soups.

Valerie Robinson

Valerie Robinson – Marketing

Valerie grew up in the beautiful coastal town of Cushing, Maine, and remembers going to the old coop to buy bulk granola with her mother as a child. She went to college at USF in Tampa, Florida where she got her BA in Communication. She ended up staying in Tampa for a total of six years, where she went on to work in Marketing at Whole Foods Market Tampa (after working at a variety of wine bars and restaurants). Upon her return to Maine, she began working at Dream Local Digital, where she worked for nearly two years. Valerie has always had a love for good food, which further deepened when she spent a season WWOOFing all over France with her life-long friend. There, she learned the process of harvesting Gamay grapes and creating biodynamic wine, harvesting and drying organic herbs, and making herbal creams and salves; best of all, she enjoyed some truly memorable meals with great people. Valerie has been working at the coop since October of 2015. In October of 2016, she gave birth to her son, Max. She now spends her time at home with her family, and doing part-time marketing for the Good Tern. Valerie loves everything about the coop; the people, the wonderful food, and the sense of community it brings.


Lynn Arnold, Local Products Buyer

Lynn Arnold, Local Products Buyer

Lynn Arnold – Local Product Buyer/Manager

A well-loved fixture at the coop, Lynn Arnold has been taking on various roles at the Good Tern for the past 14 years. She was initially hired in the old store as a cashier. From there, she began to work in HABA, eventually becoming the Health and Beauty Buyer and Manager, as well as a back up cashier. Upon transitioning to the current store location, Lynn developed the pet section and expanded the giftie/housewares section. Ellen, the manager at the time, asked Lynn to temporarily purchase the meat products, a job that continues to this day.  Somewhere along the way, Lynn took on the local products, dairy, eggs, and fresh bread. She passed along her knowledge of HABA, and now multi-tasks with the buying and maintaining of the pet section, gifts, some housewares, some local products, local dairy, eggs, local meats, meats, local cheese, cheese and bread.

Piper Stiles, Good Tern Coop, Rockland, Maine

Piper Stiles

Piper Stiles-Front End

Piper Stiles is a mother, a student, a teacher, and forever a farmer at heart. With social, political and environmental ethics in mind, she has spent the last 10 years farming organically in her home state of MA, and then in ME. Working at myriad farms and managing her own operations, she has had a hand in producing everything from maple syrup, livestock of all manner and sort, dairy, and organic vegetables & cut flowers. She has also taught and coordinated educational agricultural programs for teens and grade-schoolers. Now a student at UMA, Piper aims to practice as a holistic dentist, and to someday break ground again when she finds just the right spot to run her small farmstead. For now she is gearing up to grow cut flowers again in her home gardens! She loves working at the Good Tern, because the coop’s function and mission within the community is very much in line with her reasons for having chosen to farm- not to mention the great people! Piper lives by the sea, and can often be found down by the shore.

Emily Jeffries

Emily Jeffries – Wellness Buyer/Manager

Matt Whitman

Matt Whitman – Assistant General Manager

A native Mainer, Matt grew up in a commercial fishing family. He went on to work as a local sternman for ten years, and then spent many years as an appliance salesman for local and national companies. Three years ago, Matt started at the Good Tern as a monthly volunteer. Within his first year, he settled into a weekly role working as a produce volunteer; this position turned into a job as Produce Assistant, which he did for about one year. His multifaceted skills and outgoing personality finally led him to his current position of Assistant General Manager. He is also a student, with his Associates Degree nearly completed in Information and Library Services. His future plan is to expand his education to a Bachelors Degree in History. Matt lives in Thomaston with his wife and two step daughters.

Jacqui Loveland

Jacqui Loveland – Front End 

Lakshmi Butcher

Lakshmi Butcher

Lakshmi (Lux) Butcher – Accounting
Lakshmi Butcher is our full charge bookkeeper, maintaining the daily finances of the co-op. She has her Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the University of Maine Augusta and comes to us with many years of bookkeeping and Quickbooks knowledge. She also runs her own business, working as a freelance bookkeeper in Midcoast Maine for local businesses. Living in rural Maine with her four children and husband of 20 years, she enjoys spending time with her family. She appreciates nature and the beautiful four seasons New England has to offer. Her hobbies include gardening, cooking, hiking, exercising and watching her kids play sports. She is a firm believer in leading an “active living, healthy eating” lifestyle and loves the sense of community at the co-op.


Tim English, Rockland, Maine, Good Tern Coop

Tim English

Tim English- FFV Program 

Tim grew up in Owls Head, Camden & Thomaston. He has lived and traveled all over the world, and is a professionally trained chef and teacher of Qi Gong.

He moved back to the midcoast area, after having lived in Portland, Oregon for nearly a decade (where he managed the famous Elephants Delicatessen).  Since moving back to the midcoast area, he has enjoyed getting to know the community, and doing what he can to help make it flourish in health, vitality and prosperity.

Harrison Terrell, Good Tern Coop

Harrison Terrell

Harrison Terrell-Point of Sale Coordinator

Harrison became familiar with the Co-op model having lived in a rental housing co-operative for many years and serving on its board of directors. He returned to the coast of Maine to be closer to family.

Wade Graham – Kitchen Manager

Jodi Cooper-Front End

Peals Wrobel-Front End

Eve Hupper – Bulk Buyer

Katherine Davis – Floater