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Hello to all of our valued members! 

We hope that you are all having a happy and healthy summer. We recently celebrated International Coop Day, and are so grateful to all of you for positively impacting our local community & food system by being a part of our amazing coop. This year’s global theme was “Cooperatives ensure no one is left behind”. According to the United Nations Labor Agency, “cooperatives help to build inclusive economies and societies, and can help to eliminate poverty and other sustainable development goals.” Also, “because co-operatives are people-centered, not capital-centred, they do not perpetuate, nor accelerate capital concentration and they distribute wealth in a more fair way.” We love supporting our local farms and doing what we can to make a valuable impact on our community.

Enjoy organic strawberries at their peak in a summer salad with toasted hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, caramelized onions + pears with a citrus basil dressing. To make the dressing, combine (to taste) crushed garlic, orange and lemon juice + zest, extra virgin olive oil, freshly cracked @frontiercoop black pepper, south river miso, and fresh basil. 🌿🍋🍊🍓

Local Products at the Good Tern Coop

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Meet our wonderful group of staff members by checking out our new Staff page! 

Fuzzy Udder sheep yogurts are back! Six ounce containers are available in our dairy section for $4.99


We have fantastic new books in the wellness aisle – Healing Lyme and the Heal Your Gut Cookbook, as well as new copies of Prescription for Nutritional Healing! Come in and check it out!