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We have a beautiful selection of Fairy Tale eggplants from Dandelion Spring Farm! Try these cute little heirlooms grilled, roasted or caramelized: they are especially wonderful served over pasta. 😍

Just look at these vibrant, de Tropea onions, grown locally at Bahner Farm in Belmont! Also known as torpedo onions, these sweet heirloom alliums are the perfect complement to a summertime meal. 

Join us on Tuesday, September 5 from 3:30 to 5:30, for a seaweed sampling with Maine Coast Sea Vegetables! 

If you haven’t tried go-en miso yet, we highly recommend that you do. Made by Maine’s only commercial producer of miso, this traditionally fermented product is absolutely fantastic. Add to dressings, marinades, stir frys and soups for a tangy, savory and probiotic-rich burst of flavor! 

Join us Saturday, August 19 at 1 PM in the coop cafe for a discussion about the Good Tern’s future! Please visit our Facebook page for more details.

We have beautiful local tomatoes, including the much-loved heirloom varieties! Pair them with one of our many local cheeses and fresh basil for a classic summer treat. 

Our Mission Statement:

The purposes of the Good Tern Co-op are to provide a high-quality, fairly priced, cooperatively owned and democratically controlled source of food and health products; to educate and inform members and the community on whole food, health and nutrition, food sources, and food preparation; and to help further cooperative principles, democracy, and self-reliance.