Co-op Consultants Resume!!!


First and Third Saturdays    April 5th at 11am Nutrition Counselor Tara Hire!

We are excited to announce the Good Tern Co-op Consultant will be resuming beginning in February.  Co-op Consultants will be here select weeks each month to share with you some of what they know.                                                                Full schedule can be found posted in the store, on our facebook page, and our website calendar

Here’s what it is: A designated time to bring questions, thoughts, and interest on the current topic. You are welcome to bring your books on herbs or nutrition to better understand them. This is an opportunity for conversation with a knowledgeable practitioner. 

Here’s what it’s Not: A time for diagnosis, treatment, or prescribing.

Sequential Homeopathy with Louise Bakley DMH, DHHP, CCC/SLP

Louise Bakley will be discussing what sequential homeopathy is, the two sides of our life force and the principles of sequential homeopathy and it’s three realms of treatment: Regimen, Medicine Proper & Therapeutic Education. Louise is a Doctor of Medical Heilkunist Sequential Homeopathy, Speech-Language Pathologist and Special Education teacher.