The Good Tern Cooperative is a business owned and controlled equally by the people who use its services and those who work there.  By becoming a member of the Good Tern, you become part owner of a business that’s been committed to providing quality whole foods for thirty years. Members pay a modest annual fee that is in fact an equity payment toward your share of Coop ownership.  There are four different types of membership at the Good Tern. The equity fee varies depending on the type of membership you choose and the number of adults in your household.

Supporting Members — Receive a 3% discount, and pay an $18 annual membership fee per adult in the household. A supporting member can upgrade to a working membership (and working membership discount!) at any time, just by signing up for and working the required 1.5 hours per month per household member.

Working Members — Receive a 15% discount. Working members are the heart of any functioning cooperative. As with our supporting members, the annual membership fee is $18 per household adult. In order to receive the working member discount, members simply sign up for and work 1.5 hours per month per household member. There are countless opportunities to fill your work quota, which you can check out here on the website or by visiting our working calendar on-site at the Coop.

Business Members — Receive a 3% discount on in-store items, plus a 10% discount on bulk items ordered through the Coop. If you’d like your company to become more community minded and environmentally conscious, consider a business membership with Good Tern. The annual membership fee for business members is $36.  

Super Supporting Members – Receive a 15% discount on in-store items and special orders. Our super supporters are those philanthropists who further support the Coop by committing to the $18 annual membership fee, and then give an additional $200 per household adult annually.  


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