FoodCorps Accepting Applications for Another Round of Young Food Heroes

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Making over McDonald’s

Recipe by Genna Cherichello, FoodCorps service member in Maine

“As creatures who eat many different things, how do we know what’s good to eat and what’s not? That’s the omnivore’s dilemma and it’s growing bigger every day.” —Michael Pollan

FoodCorps Service Members nationwide are, in essence, serving to help students and communities navigate this dilemma that Pollan describes, through increasing kids’ knowledge of, engagement with, and access to real and healthy food. I am a service member in Maine, and it is a privilege to be part of this effort.

“Who digs these burgers?” Everyone raises their hands. Beef, bacon, onion and cheddar blend together on the bun. Consensus settles that these are among the best burgers anyone in the class has ever had.

If you’d like to bring your hamburger out of the fast food lane and into your kitchen classroom, follow this recipe. Broadened minds and strengthened community will remain long after the aroma of bacon dissipates.

1 innovative teacher
1 class of skeptical students
1 supportive, neighboring food co-op

(I definitely have SEVERAL classes full of skeptical students…)

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