The New Freezer and Refridgerator are Up and Running!~

The new freezer and refrigerator are up and running, which is great news for all! Lots of spaces in our store have had a face lift as a result, due to receiving an extra large set of units instead of large and we have had to rearrange to accommodate. But, sometimes these “mistakes” in life can mean benefit for all, because now we are now able to carry a larger selection of frozen meals, breads, pie crusts and lots, lots more.

In other fantastic news, if you happen to be a coffee drinker (and grinder) you will notice that a huge executive change has occurred, which has needed to occur for many, many years. It is now possible to grind coffee in a machine that makes mince-tofu of the beans, without crawling under a bulk bin to do it. This website updater was completely enthused by this bold innovation, and I know that you, too, will be thrilled. I realize I am making a huge deal out of this, but, it really is a huge deal, and many thanks shouted out to those who made it happen.